A simple lifestyle is happiness and freedom for me

simple-lifestyleFor a very long time I have not been happy, and it has taken me a long time to find out why? In addition, what should I change in my life so that I could be more happy? I found out that I will have to live a more simple life and therefore I am on the road to freedom!

I used to live a simple lifestyle and be happy

Earlier in my life I actually lived a very simple lifestyle, and I did not own so many things. But you might recognize it … you start making money and automatically begin to buy more and expensive things. That was what happened to me, and for years I thought it would make me happy. But it did not and instead I had a lot of things that I worried about. Many times I thought it was a waste of money that I had bought many of these things. Because I almost never used them. It made me unhappy and instead of doing something about the real problem, then I bought even more stuff.

It’s a few months ago that I finally made a decision that now I had to do something about the real problem. So I could be more happy and be free! In a way it’s very simple what I began to do and that was to sell things! But not just a few things that I have not used in awhile. I decided to sell everything I own, so I only have a suitcase with clothes and a small backpack with my laptop and camera, and a few other things that I really need.

I’m selling everything to create a simple lifestyle

My house, car and few things in the house is not sold yet, but it’s up for sale. When it is sold, then I travel to Thailand and from there I will work online. I will create a very simple lifestyle there, and will rent a small apartment, and otherwise own as little as possible. I will blog more about it when it happens, so watch out!

Today I was reminded that I am doing the right thing when I saw this TED Talks video on Youtube. It is Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus and their TED Talk called: A rich life with less stuff! They have a blog called The Minimalists, and I will certainly follow them. Because they have already done what I dream about and live a more simple life. There are 2 million visitors to their blog a year, so I’m certainly not alone with my dream. There are many who seek happiness and freedom, and perhaps the answer is simple lifestyle … it’s for me!

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