About Thomas Justesen and the simple life

thomas-justesenMy name is Thomas and I’m on the road to freedom! It is both personal and financial freedom to live a simple lifestyle (minimalist lifestyle). My dream is to travel and live in many different countries in the world. What I actually want is to travel and live in countries where the sun is shining (most days) and there are nice and warm. I was born and raised in Denmark and have lived most of my life in this very cold and cloudy country. There are many days of the year where I do not see the sun in Denmark, and it must now be different.

These are some of the topics that I want to write about here on this blog, but I also have a great passion for books, personal development, health and fitness. So I will write about many different topics, and about what happens in my new simple life. I will also talk about my online business that allows me to travel and live in different countries. I will be working from my laptop, and if only I can find internet, then I’m in business.

I have decided that I will live a very simple life, which is also called minimalist lifestyle. I’m about to sell all my belongings in Denmark, and are just waiting to sell my house. Then it will go very quickly to sell the rest or give the last things away to people who need it more than I do. I have owned many things as you usually do when you live in a country like Denmark. I am tired of that and owning a lot of things, and it gives me no more happiness or quality of life. Therefore, I will travel the world and seek a lot of amazing experiences and the freedom to lived my life on my terms … therefore on the road to freedom!